Joe McClain - Jul 15, 2008
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It is well known that London and Manchester are long time rivals in terms of almost everything. However, across the water there is a rivalry of a similar nature, between Dublin and Cork – mostly in tourism. Whereas Dublin rakes in millions every year thanks to hordes of tourists coming from all over the globe, many people of Cork believe that the travelers chose the wrong place and were wasting their money. They believe that Cork is the city number one to visit in Ireland.


The first reason for their passionate love of Cork is the fact that most people in Cork are born and bred there. This is not particularly the case in Dublin. They often refer to the exclusive Cork cuisine: there are a number of dishes which are rarely found in the rest of Ireland. Oysters, rare fish and special Cork lamb are among the specialties. Staying on the subject of seafood, the sea safari in Cork harbor is particularly attractive as it gives visitors to taste gastronomic delights in the world’s second largest harbor after Sydney.


The residents of Cork often make references to the famous English Market, established by James I in 1610 and the wonderful Farmgate cafe. Both places lure a large number of visitors every year yet still not enough according to the people of Cork. Let’s not forget the legend of the Blarney stone, situated at Blarney castle, built nearly 600 years ago. For those interested in folklore and legends, Blarney castle is surely a must on the list of places to visit.



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