Daniel A. Tanner - Aug 24, 2009
There seems to be a new trend in the hospitality sector as hotels strive to introduce more and more controversial ways of accommodation. Well, those who cannot resist should visit the Controversy Tram Hotel on their next trip to the Netherlands.  There are tourists who prefer 5* luxury and highly professional service. There are others who prefer laid-back, simple accommodation which allows them to save money. Then there are those who not only prefer, but seek out hotels with a little funky twist. We have seen hotels entirely made out of sandstone, ice, even; rooms floating in the air, and now, there is another kid on the block – recycled transport vehicles.Frank and Irma Appel, who live about 40 km from Amsterdam share a passion for bizarre ideas when it comes to decorating. They adore old transport vehicles. In fact, they love them so much they have turned an old tram into a fancy hotel. Two railcars now feature four different compartments with varying themes: Italian and French are smoking, and English and American are non-smoking. The interior is an irresistible blend of strange decorations and furniture, including a giant Jacuzzi in the shape of a sombrero or a boat transformed into a comfy double bed. There is even an extensive library of films and CDs available made from an Oil Rig, though most visitors claim it resembles UFO more than anything. Depending on the package, visitors will be offered an amazing breakfast buffet as well as delicious dinner. The longer the stay, the lower the rates go. Frank and Irma are also happy to take their guests on a tour of their own house where a double-decker bus is installed in the living room and a French van serves as the breakfast area. By the time their visitors reach the Mig fighter plane outside, they are hardly surprised. The Controversy Tram Hotel, named after one of Prince’s albums, is to be found in Hoogwoud, Netherlands. It is great fun to spend a few days here, and especially families with children will appreciate the fresh ideas and exciting décor.  Related:SALT HOTEL: PLEASE, DON’T LICK THE WALLSOLD WAR BUNKER NOW UP FOR SALE WITH GREAT VIEWSSADDAM’S PALACE AS A TOURISM ATTRACTION?EUROPE’S 1ST ELECTRONIC ART HOTEL LURES TOURISTS TO POZNAN


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