Kevin Eagan - May 31, 2010
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After years of comfortable living in democracy some tourists from the Central Europe look for something else on their holidays. Communist tours and holiday programs are growing in popularity.


More than 20 years after the fall of the Communist regime in the Central Europe tourists seem to enjoy going back in time at least on their holiday. Communist tours and holiday stays grow in popularity among Czechs and have become a profitable business for the organizers, reported Czech portal  

In one of the hotels where the Communist stays are provided the day starts at 7:00 am with the sound of propaganda songs from loudspeakers. A coach in a sweatsuit waits outside the building for the ‘comrades’ to start the day with a refreshing exercise.

During the day the guests work or can travel to the surrounding cities and visit various tourism attractions as on any other type of holiday. Some hotels and tour operators of course offer much more ‘capitalistic’ trips and activities like rafting, bungee jumping or even an afternoon in the water park.

A common program that anyone can join is organized for every evening. The guests may watch together movies produced during the Communist era or enjoy parties with the traditional tombola. Sometimes they even have a chance to experience a lecture of a mountain rescuer – which is quite typical for the long, boring evenings on holidays that the tourists experienced few decades ago.

Music enthusiasts can participate in singing some of the ‘good old days’ songs. Others who rather seek the peace and quiet of nature may go out and enjoy sitting by the fire and roasting the so popular sausages.

The guests may also participate in the very real Labour Day parades with all the classic flags, propaganda songs and Communist style clothes. In the autumn they can even look forward to the classic hog killing in the way it was done years ago.

Communist tours and hotel stays are popular especially among older people who can enjoy going back in time for a week or so to make fun of the way they lived in the past.  As such according to the tour operators the Communist-like stays are often sold out quite early.

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