Kevin Eagan - Oct 24, 2021
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Colors – there is so much magic and meaning behind them. The advertising industry, through tourism neuromarketing, is taking advantage of that to get into the heart of the consumer. The colors of tourism thus grow in importance.

The visual effect generated by certain tones is key when the customer is deciding between one product or another. In fact, a study conducted by Color Marketing Group reveals that 93% of people base their purchase decision in relation to the visual appearance of the product or company.

Perhaps these statements are what have given way to new types of tourism-related to color. One of the best known is green tourism thanks to its affinity with ecology and nature.

Let’s remind some of them:

Green tourism

Mass tourism is not part of this type of tourism, on the contrary, Green tourism is aimed at travelers who care about the environment and are faithful practitioners of ecotourism.

Orange tourism

It is inherently related to culture, identity and creativity, and seeks responsible tourism management of the cultural and historical heritage of the emblematic sites of each destination.

White tourism

Activities related to snow and everything that revolves around them are on the agenda of white tourism. Lately, with the new holistic wave, spiritual tourism is also linked.

Black tourism

Also known as dark tourism. The activities of this type of tourism are associated with war, tragedy and death. However, its real importance is focused on the historical value of the facts and/or events.

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