Kevin Eagan - Mar 13, 2022
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Due to the strong revival of tourism in the second half of 2021, the sector has managed to exceed all estimates in revenue, reaching 160% of the tourism revenue achieved in 2020 and 32% of 2019.

A Bancolombia report points out that this increase in the tourism revenue measured based on the transactions of the bank's channels, evidences the 'positive trend in tourism, which is shown in several indicators, in addition to the impulse given by the growth in the travel agency and hotel and tourism services sectors, which make up 97% of total revenues by 2021'.

All regions of Colombia have been showing significant recoveries in revenues, always above pre-pandemic levels, starting with the clear recovery trend observed during the second half of the year.

In 2022, issues related to sustainable tourism, new technologies intended to make tourism safer, the opening of closed and new destinations, as well as major world events, will be important factors in the recovery of world tourism.

These issues involve Colombia as well, because of the importance and relevance that the country has been gaining in tourism, especially in areas related to ecotourism.

In 2021, the hotel and restaurant sector achieved a growth of 59.7% versus 2020, a level that was above the forecasts, mainly driven during the second half of 2021.

According to Bancolombia, 2022 is considered to be a year of continuity, based on a more stable growth, which is expected to be around 9.4%.

In addition, foreign tourist arrivals closed the year at still low levels, falling as much as 79% compared to 2019 data.

U.S. citizens continue to be the main visitors of Colombia for tourism and business, rising from 26.5% of total tourists in 2019 to 45.9% during 2021.

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