Andrew J. Wein - Dec 11, 2007

The renowned Thailand spa has once more something new for its customers. A new kind of spa procedure has been introduced here – Chromotherapy Jetpool Baths. These baths should combine the positive effects of hydrotherapy and the healing powers of colors. Chromotherapy is a technique that should help to balance all kinds of energy including physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. This should be achieved by using color and light. This alternative medicine method has its roots in the ancient medical practices. It might have evolved from Ayurveda, which is an ancient form of medicine practiced in India. Parts of the therapy could have also come from Chinese and ancient Egyptian culture. Some of these practices are used to help people who are experiencing chronic depressions.


In chromotheraphy each color has its purpose. There are seven colors used in this method.


Red is the color of vitality and it is also considered a color of life physical strengths. It should help to boost one’s energy.  Orange is connected with happiness and enthusiasm.  Yellow helps the clarity of thought and awareness. Therefore, it is useful for people who need to enhance their concentration and perception. Green is supposed to be an ideal color for harmony and peace. It should relax our minds. Blue is associated with wisdom and knowledge. It should help promotion of mental relaxation. This color may relieve headaches. Indigo may help to reconnect us with our unconsciousness. It is a color of intuition and imagination as well as color of psychic perception. Violet is often associated with creativity and inspiration, but it also should be a meditative color of emotions.


It depends on the customers, whether they believe the philosophy behind the chromotherapy or whether they simply enjoy this new and interesting treatment. Every customer may choose to experience the lights randomly or they may choose a concrete color.

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