Pat Hyland - Sep 6, 2010
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A relaxed visa policy and changed attitude towards the Chinese has led to an influx of Chinese tourists to Japan. Public relations are improving at the same rate Japanese pockets are expanding.


Chinese market is now more important than almost any other market anywhere. In future, the success of certain countries could hinge solely on the relation it keeps to China. The Japanese have understood the level of importance well in advance and have made steps to ensure the future of tourist relations between the two countries.

July’s figures prove that more and more Chinese are flocking to the richly cultural haven of Japan and the signs are that this flow of tourists is not likely to stop anytime soon. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan welcomed in July this year a total of 879,000 tourists, 165,000 of which came from China. Since the loosening of visa laws on the 1st July, the Chinese have been arriving to Japan at will. The new laws have made everybody a winner. Japanese public relations campaign has proven to be very effective in increasing the inbound tourism.

The high value of Yen has put off many tourists from Europe and the USA, yet has not affected tourists from China or South Korea. The number of Chinese tourists is likely to rise in Japan as plans have been made for Japanese agencies to be able to offer Chinese people holiday packages by the end of the year. At the moment, only Chinese organizations are allowed to offer their own citizens a ticket to Japan. Naturally, once the language barrier is broken, Japanese agencies would be able to sell more.

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