Nik Fes - Apr 30, 2018
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They are usually in large groups. They wear backpacks on their stomach as a form of protection against pickpockets and take numerous selfies everywhere. In hot temperatures, they have umbrellas and wear long-sleeved clothing, so that they do not get sunburned. Chinese tourists and their travel behaviors are quite special.

More and more companies want to appeal to Chinese tourists. After all, 2018 is the official EU-China Tourism Year. Most market analyses are primarily concerned with the purchasing behavior and demographic factors of the Chinese tourists. However, there are hardly any reports that explain the emotional needs of these travelers.

Cultural Features of Chinese Tourists in Europe

If one is wondering how to provide customized travel products and services for the Chinese market, then it is smart to look at the following features of Chinese tourists based on personal and professional experiences.

A distinctive feature is that Chinese tourists always carry “some China” in their luggage. For example, kettles to prepare panacea water, thermos bottles, selfie sticks, pickled vegetables from China, instant noodles and more.

Moreover, Chinese tourists always want to be online. Of course, WLAN is a must in hotels. Many travelers have already ordered mobile wireless routers in China. Thus, mobile internet is ensured on the journey. It is immensely important for the tourists to share their travel photos with friends and family on a popular social media WeChat.

Sense of Romanticism

The purchase of luxury bags and other high-quality products suggests that Chinese people are very materialistic. But they are also looking for romantic places. Especially those that they have seen in TV series or on social media. As soon as a sight has spread in China, it greatly enhances the attractiveness of the destination.

Westerns do not necessarily have to know these places. For example, Chinese people would like to visit the home of the writer San Mao in Gran Canarias. It is highly unlikely that a German Canary Island vacationer has ever visited such a place.

Once in a Life Time Experience

Many Chinese tourists make a great European tour only once in their lifetime. This is especially true about travelers who do not have a large fortune or a family in Europe. Therefore, Chinese tourists want to see as much as possible. It is expressly desired that a tightly packed travel program be pending. There is simply no need for time to arrive or orient yourself if another place or even another country can be explored in time.

Moreover, for Chinese tourists a relaxing holiday does not include the sea, beaches and wine. The idea of voluntarily tanning in the sun often causes goose bumps for them. Sun-tanned skin is still a sign to many that you had to work hard outside. Meanwhile, white skin is still considered the beauty ideal par excellence.

Regarding wine, white and red wines are not yet common in China. European wine is often served only for business lunches. A glass of wine for relaxation is an exception in Chinese everyday life. Also, the knowledge of wine is not as pronounced as in other countries.

For most travelers, the day ends at 10 pm. Nightlife in the cities is at most an option for young individuals.

Saving More Popular Than Shopping

The long queues of Chinese tourists in front of Louis Vuitton shops have done their effects. Many people ask how it is possible that Chinese people are so rich. But that does not always have to be the case.

On the one hand, a lot is saved before big European trips. On the other hand, many Chinese feel that they have saved a fortune while shopping. This is because the same products often cost at least 30% more in China – due to taxes and marketing – while in Europe tourists can still have VAT refunded. Shopping in countries like Germany is therefore synonymous with a bargain tour, even when it comes to luxury goods.

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