Laura Loss - Nov 5, 2023
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The spending of Chinese tourists in Italy is on the rise, especially when it comes to shopping. Global Blue has noted a significant increase in tax-free shopping between Fashion Week and Golden Week, which supports this. Comparing the three weeks between the two events with the previous three, it was found that there was a 143% increase in spending volumes and a 133% increase in transactions.

The highest increase was observed during Golden Week, which saw a 20% rise in spending compared to Fashion Week. However, Fashion Week had a higher average receipt of 1,684 euros.

The city that benefited the most from this growth was Florence. The Chinese market recorded a 226% increase in tax-free shopping volumes and a more than 150% increase in transactions. The average receipt also saw a record increase of 26% (1,475 euros).

Milan and Rome also saw significant increases in tax-free spending, with respective increases of 152% and 128%. However, the Lombard capital had the highest average receipt at 1,990 euros.

Chinese tourists are mainly attracted to two shopping areas in Italy, namely the Fashion Quadrilateral in Milan and the Trident in Rome. These areas are known for their remarkable performances. The Fashion Quadrilateral saw an increase of 195% in tax-free shopping volumes and 169% in transactions, with an average receipt of 2,790 euros (+10%). Similarly, the Trident in Rome recorded remarkable figures, with a 161% increase in volumes, a 128% increase in transactions, and an average receipt of 2,455 euros (+15%).

Based on the data related to merchandise categories, watches and jewelry performed exceptionally well. It showed a significant increase in volumes (+232%) and transactions (+136%). Additionally, there was a positive change in the average receipt, which increased by 41% to 5,715 euros.

Tax-free shopping on watches and jewelry rose from 14% to 19% of the total, which contributed to the overall positive performance of this merchandise category.

The Italian retail industry has been eagerly anticipating the return of Chinese tourists, who were once the top nationality for tax-free shopping before the pandemic. Thanks to the resumption of group trips and the lifting of visa restrictions, experts gradually witnessed their return to the city and shopping streets. Daily data analysis shows their gradual recovery compared to pre-Covid times. The recent Fashion-Golden Week period has demonstrated Italy's strong appeal to Chinese shoppers.

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