Denise Chen - Aug 3, 2023
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The China Tourism Academy has just issued the "Big Data Report on Outbound Tourism in the First Half of 2023." It provides a comprehensive analysis and statistical breakdown of China's outbound tourism activities.

According to a recent report, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been testing the resumption of group travel and "air ticket + hotel" packages since the start of this year. As more international flights become available, the demand for outbound tourism - including business travel, visiting friends and family, graduation trips, summer research, and study tours - has increased steadily. Chinese tourists have been traveling to outbound destinations, with 40.37 million mainland tourists visiting in the first half of the year. Short-distance travel to Asian destinations has resumed first, with 93.95% of tourists.

According to the report, most outbound Chinese tourists visit East and Southeast Asia, accounting for 83.92% and 8.59%, respectively. Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Taiwan are the top destinations for Chinese outbound tourism, making up 79.89% of tourists. Nearby countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam attract many Chinese visitors. Developed markets like Europe and the United States have seen a quick recovery in long-term outbound travel. Most outbound tourists in China come from economically developed provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities.

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