Andrew J. Wein - Jun 18, 2012
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At the end of the year 2012, the Fantawild Theme Park is up for its completion and be opened for operations in Esfahan, Iran. The Fantawild Theme Park is a Chinese Disneyland-style of amusement park dedicated to bring about enjoyment for all the people who visit there. It was said that the establishment of Fantawild Theme Park in Iran is considered as a great stepping stone for wider expansion of the company.

The Shenzhen-based Fantawild Holdings who is the park's owner has already set an affirmation through signed export agreements with Ukraine and South Africa. Fantawild Holdings Vice President Liu Daoquiang confirmed that the same projects will also be thoroughly prepared to establish Chinese Disneyland-style of amusement parks in those countries. Furthermore, he also added that the Fantawild site in China will be the one to export the entire package of original brands, innovative technology, latest equipments and even management operations.

The Fantawild Adventure Park was firstly established in Wuhu in central Anhui province in China. The entire park has a total land area of 1.25 million square meters featuring a wide-arrayed variety of amusement facilities highlighting modern technology integration. One of which is the 4-d animation which provides more realistic effects to viewers.

Last year, the six Fantawild Adventure Theme Parks operating in China has productively gained a total revenue amounting 1.62 billion yuan or 199 million U.S dollars. As a matter of fact, the Fantawild Theme Park in Wuhu alone has recorded 11 million visitors since its successful opening in April 2008. The Fantawild Holdings VP has determinedly announced that Fantawild is planning to establish at least 10 to 13 more theme parks spread around China with an estimated annual gross of ticket sales amounting 3 billion yuan by the end of the year 2015.

The park is said to be remarkably unique from any other theme parks in China. With its amazing rides and amusing attractions, the park is just incomparable. Moreover, all of the facilities are conceptualized, designed, developed and built proudly in China.

Just like Disney, Fantawild Holdings is also dedicated to produce quality animation. Fantawild Holding actually produced animation outputs of 18,512 minutes in the previous year making it the longest duration in the field of animation in China. The Fantawild animations were immensely aired at home and exported to some other countries. The Fantawild Holding VP added that the constant improvement in animation had also made significant impact to all of the Fantawild's amusement facilities making them very outstanding in this venture. The Fantawild aspiration continues to soar to bring amazing experience nearer to more people in all parts of the globe.

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