Nils Kraus - May 18, 2015
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The business world of human resource management and hospitality clearly defines how people are motivated by two goals. These are earning a paycheck and doing work that makes them proud. However, the offer of additional reward gives employees the extra motivation to go above and beyond. Chinese billionaire, Li Jinyuan, the Tiens Group CEO, is not short of this concept as he has created quite pleasant work environment for his employees.

Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes people create for your business. Mr. Jinyuan paid for a vacation in France for 6,400 of his employees. The four-day trip, which was a reward for the staff as a part of the company's 20th anniversary celebrations, began in Paris and ended in Cote dAzur.

The employees were treated in high end French hotels where Mr. Jinyuan booked around 140 hotels in Paris and about 4,760 rooms in prestigious four and five star hotels in Monaco and Cannes. The vacationers explored notable tourist sites including the Louvre museum and enjoyed a visit to the Moulin Rouge cabaret show.

The trip was estimated to have cost between $14.5 and $22.3 million. The 6,400 guests made the single largest tour group ever to visit France. Christian Mantel, who heads tourism development agency, Atout France, reported that everything went smoothly from the mobilization of public services to the tourism professionals ranging from hotels, shops, restaurants and designer brands.

Guinness World Records inspectors were at the scene to witness how Mr. Jinyuan had arranged for his employees to break a record by dressing in their identical sky blue hats and t-shirts forming the longest "human-made phrase".
Founded in 1995 by Mr. Jinyuan, Tiens is a multinational company that operates in a range of sectors of biotechnology, tourism finance and property. Forbes released the estimates of Jinyuan’s wealth valued at $1.2 billion which makes him the 24th richest man in China.

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