Tomas Haupt - Nov 6, 2023
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The General Office of the State Council in China has suggested implementing plans to promote inbound tourism, optimizing visa and customs clearance policies, and resuming and increasing international flights.

The measures include improving inbound tourism services, optimizing departure tax refund services, and fully utilizing the role of tourism trade carriers.

Inbound tourism is crucial for a country's tourism competitiveness and comprehensive strength. It helps drive the entire tourism industry chain, promotes domestic consumption, and generates employment. Additionally, inbound tourism enhances a country's international discourse power and allows foreigners to experience its unique culture and development. Therefore, policy support is necessary to promote the high-quality development of inbound tourism.

China has great potential for developing inbound tourism due to its rich natural scenery, long history and culture, modern cities, advanced technological development formats, and high-star hotels. Transportation infrastructure and hospitable people also contribute to this potential. Furthermore, inbound tourism revenue generally accounts for 1%–3% of GDP, and China's inbound tourism revenue from foreigners in 2019 was US$77.1 billion, indicating that China's inbound tourism development has broad prospects.

The "Several Measures" will enhance inbound tourism in China and promote exchanges, understanding, peace, and innovation. Inbound tourism should be viewed at a national strategic level and will signify whether China can become a world innovation center. Chinese travel giant Ctrip Group will actively support the high-quality development of inbound tourism by using its technical capabilities, global resources, and integrated marketing advantages. Ctrip Group will strive to pioneer inbound tourism promotion, improve the convenience and satisfaction of inbound tourism, and positively contribute to the high-quality development of inbound tourism to improve China's image.

The text discusses the "Several Measures" proposal to strengthen the country's image, build informational capacity, and build inbound tourism services. To implement this proposal, Ctrip is willing to actively participate in national image design, provide technical and R&D support, integrate inbound tourism products, release more China travel guides and strategies, and improve the convenience of foreign tourists traveling to China.

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