Dan Rang - Jul 22, 2016
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Central Park is high on the must-see list of many tourists to New York, but many visitors often underestimate the scale of the place. The park covers 843 acres, which includes 250 acres of lawn and a host of interesting areas, buildings, landmarks. This is one of the largest city parks in the world and it is not a place that you can simply stroll through in an afternoon. There are 58 miles of paths winding through the fields and areas and they intersect with 36 bridges and arches. It is is a maze of photographic opportunities that is far too vast and complex to cover by foot.

Central Park Pedicab Tours cover a range of locations and important landmarks.

Pedicabs are available on tours of different lengths. Visitors that have an hour to kill can head out for a quick tour of some of the key landmarks within boundaries the park. This includes Cherry Hill, Bow Bridge, Sheep Meadow and Strawberry Fields. This is a great way to enjoy the landscape of the park itself – with all the bodies of water, open fields and play areas – and there is plenty of local, cultural history to explore. Strawberry Fields has become something of a shrine to John Lennon and Cherry Hill is home to a striking 14-foot fountain.

Of course the longer you can spend riding in one of these Pedicabs, the further your tour guide can take you and the more you can learn. The 2-hour tour extends the boundaries to take in more attractions and nearby landmarks, such as the MMoA, The Museum of Natural History and takes visitors to quirky areas like Alice in Wonderland and Turtle Pond, both of which provide precisely what you would expect.

The longest option is the 3-hour ride. This is for tourists that want to dedicate a whole afternoon to seeing the sights and learning about the great social context of the park and its place in the geography of the city. It takes in all the areas of the other tours but travels further, from the Midtown side to the poorer area of Uptown Harlem and back to Midtown. Extra points of interest on this longer tour include the Guggenheim Museum, Conservatory Garden and Discovery Center.

Central Park Pedicab Tours may seem like the alternative way of getting around, but they are also the most logical.

It may seem overly tourist-like to hire a Pedicab for an afternoon and take a guided tour, rather than following your feet, but these Pedicabs are the best way to cover more ground and weave your way through the crowds. You can sit back, enjoy the fresh air, see the sights and take lots of photographs. The breadth of the tours and the smart choice of routes mean that not only can you be sure of seeing all the key landmarks that you want to tick off of your lists, but the tour guides can also provide plenty of information and take you to lesser-known areas and features that you may not have heard of. It will be obvious that you are not from New York, but you could see more and learn more than some local Manhattan residents.

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