Kevin Eagan - Mar 14, 2022
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With tourism on the rise and a spurt in the growth of travelling demands, many are looking to book a luxurious and enjoyable experience abroad. In fact, countries like Croatia are gaining popularity due to their warm climate, historical sites of interest and delicious cuisine. In 2021, there were 13.8 million arrivals and 84.1 million overnights in Croatia which has been steadily increasing with each year. Indeed, it is the soaring popularity of boating vacations on exotic destinations that has had a major impact on driving this sector. This is because more people are seeking a unique trip which also offers them a high level of autonomy and independence.

If you are considering chartering a yacht for your trip to Croatia, keep in mind that there are a wide variety that you can choose from. This can depend on factors like the size of the party that will be going on the trip and the price range that you would like to stick to. One vessel that is extremely popular for all types of trips is the Catamaran which you can investigate if you follow this link. A catamaran is balanced on two hulls, with the sails in the middle. There are many different types of catamaran charters available worldwide, from Croatia to the British Virgin Islands. In this sense, it can be overwhelming to choose which type of catamaran you should pick. There are beach catamarans, open deck cruising catamarans, bridge deck cabin cruisers and racing catamarans. It is best to pick a type of Catamaran that will suit the type of holiday that you are seeking to have.

There are many benefits to picking the Catamaran over other types of yachts. Firstly, Catamarans have two hulls which these connect together to provide a spacious area. This design helps create stability and ensures a calm sailing experience, even during forceful winds and large waves. This helps passengers feel safe whilst they sail in ultimate comfort, and luxury accommodation. It also differs to a monohull as the Catamaran is ideal for group sailing or large families. This is because it has spacious saloon areas and can host up to four cabins in the hulls. It also usually has places for dining and areas for relaxation which means that passengers are not restricted to one part of the boat.

In this day and age, people are more inclined to opt to charter a yacht as the development of technology means that they do not have to haul themselves to a land-based travel agency in order to get the best deal. Chartering a yacht will not be a lengthy booking process as these services are now like Borrow a Boat mentioned earlier are available digitally. It also means that you will be able to visualise your options before you make your final decision.

Croatia is also one of the best locations to charter a Catamaran with its idyllic and picturesque scenery as well as its 1800km of coastline making it a perfect sailing experience. Hiring a Catamaran also gives tourists the freedom to explore a multitude of different sites and take part in a variety of activities as it does not confine them to one part of the country. In Croatia, there are many attractions for tourists including the Museum of Broken Relationships which has exhibitions dedicated to relationships that have broken down. You will also be able to walk along the city walls of Dubrovnik which have featured in such television shows and Game of Thrones. If you are more of an active individual, there is an opportunity to try water sports. Indeed, sea kayaking is a popular activity that attracts many to the Dalmatian coast.

The water is one of the best features of the Dalmatian coast. If you are the type of person that likes to be surrounded by action and nature but prefers to relax and unwind in luxury, Croatia is also known to have an array of sandy beaches for you to soak up the sun. The Catamaran is also incredibly useful as it can stop sailing near the shore and next to the beach of your choice. This type of vessel truly proves itself to be apt for any occasion as it can also overpower any sandbanks so you will be allowed to experience a serene holiday in isolated places protected from unfavourable weather conditions. A catamaran charter also provides its passengers with the opportunity to keep away from crowded tourist spots. This can be made possible also by hiring a captain and a crew who will act as your personal tour guide, equipping you with exclusive information on the various places to visit in Croatia and their expert tips.

In summary, the travelling industry has witnessed a major spike in recent years as people are choosing to leave their homes to explore and visit locations abroad. This is evident in countries like Croatia where individuals are attracted and allured to its climate and beautiful islands. One way of savouring your experience in Croatia and ensuring it is a successful holiday is by chartering a Catamaran. Not only is it a viable and affordable option for those seeking the ultimate holiday experience, but it also gives its passengers the chance to tick Croatia from their bucket list without the hassle of worrying about their accommodation and their itinerary.

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