Justin N. Froyd - Dec 17, 2018
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David Font, director of the Catalan Tourist Board (CBT), introduced the Tourism Marketing Plan 2018-2022, whose main objective is for Catalonia to become one of the top three tourist destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean. Another important goals is to de-seasonalize the Catalan tourism, and increase the average tourist expenditure.

The new marketing strategy has been acknowledged by travel and tourism agencies, Catalan tourism board, and the private sector, according to David Font. “This marketing plan marks the challenges we will face the next four years as well as the strategy and actions for the tourist promotion of Catalonia abroad,” he added.

The plan aims to see a 9% increase in tourist trips to Catalonia by 2022, during the months of March, April, May and October.

It also expects to increase average tourist expenditure per day, and see it rise to 190 euros, in addition to betting on territorial decentralization, while increasing number of travelers staying in tourist establishments off the coast by 11%.

The Government of Catalonia hopes to promote the recognition of the autonomous community as a brand, as well as strengthening the destination as one of the first three in Europe and the Mediterranean, applying a strategy of responsible and sustainable growth.

The plan introduces a set of twenty initiatives to launch, which includes offering more experiences outside high season, making the most of the tourism promotion centers of Catalonia as they represent an important asset, and implementing a new system of brands or products under their own 4-D model, which contributes to decentralization.

The goal of these programs is to facilitate commercial action by offering tourism experiences focused on demand, with the intent of attracting larger number customers and of higher quality.

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