James Morris - Jan 9, 2022
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When talking about traditional land-based casinos, most players already straight away think of casino games, a classy atmosphere, and dealers as the key attractions. However, from their inception, traditional casinos have been renowned not only for the traditional games they offer but also for a range of other attractions that formed a major entertainment set-up for the casino-goers.

Over the years, the array of attractions has only grown. When it comes to land-based casinos, the leading names in the business offer amazing shows and attractions for their regulars. Each of these establishments worldwide can offer a different range of attractions to those who wish to visit them.

The world’s most famous land-based casinos are more renowned for the attractions and atmosphere they offer to their customers than for the casino games themselves. Below there are the top attractions you can find in great traditional casinos to have fun without missing the casino games:

Indoor Shows

All the world’s major casinos offer many different shows inside their facilities for the casino-goers. Shows that range from big-name musicians to circus and stand-up acts, all enough to keep you entertained.

There is no wonder that many of the world’s greatest artists perform in casinos such as those in Las Vegas, which offer a massive infrastructure.

Customized Bars

In traditional land-based casinos, there are also custom bars that serve a wide variety of beverages exclusively designed for their visitors. The interesting thing about this attraction is that many of these casinos offer free drinks.

Other than having different theme structures, casino bars have professional cocktail waiters ready to serve customers with a wide variety of drinks to meet all tastes.


Restaurants are one of the most popular attractions in traditional casinos. An environment arranged for its customers and the kitchen is mostly headed by a great chef.

Unique gourmet dishes are offered to casino-goers and these can provide top fun at the casino without even thinking about gambling.

Theme Buildings

Las Vegas casinos’ major attractions are the themed buildings, which mimic great monuments scattered around the world. Such is the Luxor Resort & Casino, whose building is shaped like a pyramid. Its interior is a blend of Egyptian culture and modern glamour.

Many casinos are tourist hotspots in Las Vegas for visitors who haven’t even come to town to play casino games.

Resort Hotel

Many of the world’s biggest names in traditional land-based casinos are also four- or five-star resorts that provide high-level luxury accommodations, as well as spas, pools, and flawless room service.

For the most part, resorts have guests who do not frequent their casinos, showing the entertaining power of these establishments.

Bottom Line

No doubts, casinos can be a wonderful entertainment option, even if their guests don’t even think of going near a casino game. Even the smallest casinos provide many attractions that lure many visitors.

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