Ashley Nault - Jul 24, 2007

It is a large city seaport on the northeast coast of Colombia, founded by Spanish explorers in 1553. Soon after its foundation, the port became a rich and important trade center, thus becoming a target for the French, British and Dutch forces, as well as the pirates. For this reason, the Spanish built numerous fortresses around the city, many of which survived until today. One of the most spectacular aspects of Cartagena are the remains of its protective walls. They used to stretch for more than 10 km; the city was surrounded by solid stone. Thanks to these, much of the old town’s charming buildings are preserved.


The visitors shouldn’t miss a tour around El Castillo de San Filipe, the biggest of the forts constructed by the Spanish. Underneath, the tourists may admire the intricate system of underground tunnels.


There are some beautiful squares around the old town, as well as many museums. One of the very popular ones is located in the Palace of the Inquisition, which – by itself – has a very terrifying history. Here, in the museum of torture instruments, the curious visitors may discover the information about the individual methods used and those who died here.


Other must-see places are the Cartagena Cathedral; built in the 16th century, The Heredia Theater, or the Government Palace and the newly restored Santo Domingo Church.


There are plenty of fancy restaurants, affordable hotels and beautiful beaches in this Caribbean paradise – and it is still waiting to be discovered.


  1. Thank you for posting this article although (allow me to say) maybe a new posting could help in disseminating more the fact that this beutiful Caribbean Paradise is truly a Safe and 'Magic' place that deserves to be visited...


    'Colombia es Pasión' (Colombia is Passion)...

    You are passionate about Colombia but you still don't know it!

    We are passionate about Colombia and we have a particular Pasión (Passion) for Cartagena De Indias, the eternally pulsating heart of Colombia...the jewel of the Caribbean's.

    Cartagena De Indias is a city on the northern coast of Colombia and the capital of Bolívar Department. Cartagena was Founded in 1533 and honoured by UNESCO as Historical Heritage of the Humanity. It was built by Spaniards during XV and XVI centuries. Visiting this particular destination is like visiting a museum in open air; the only difference being you can touch everything and become part of its magical spirit. Cartagena is a beach resort but yet an old historical city whose ancient walls are full of stories to tell, a poem which unveils only as you walk its legendary cobbled streets, a treasure waiting to be discovered. A beautiful and hospitable city where their is always something to do. Once you leave you will close your eyes and you will miss it...a warm feeling will take over, do not be surprised if you will already be planning for your second or third visit.

    Cartagena De Indias has an ideal temperature all year round and it is a destination ideal for youngsters, families and the elderly. Whether you are coming to enjoy a culturally rich vacation, eat & relax in world famous restaurants & beaches or to party all day - Cartagena is the place to be.

    Imagine a destination that is Venice (Italy) and Miami (USA) 5 minutes apart from each other (except with less chaos) - that is Cartagena De Indias. But do not forget Cartagena also has its surrounding Caribbean Rosario Islands, not far away you will find the famous Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina islands...while the highest coastal mountain chain in the world is nearby at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. No wonder it is the number one destination in South America.

    An old gateway to Cartagena De Indias is at the 'Muelle de los Pegasos'; the dock with an immaculate panorama which contributed to making Cartagena South Americas main port city. Guarded by the statues of Pegasus the dock awaits your excursions into the Caribbean seas and entrance to the enchanting city of Cartagena.'s icon is the Pegasus.

    Get ready for a truly unique Caribbean experience in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia (Southern Caribbean).

    Dario A.B. (United Kingdom)

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