William Law - Oct 12, 2009
Often quoted as a symbol of democracy, tolerance and great living, Canada has been a very popular destination for a long time. The country has often been viewed as having everything America can offer without the negative aspects the USA unfortunately imposes. However, a number of reasons have led the Canadian tourism industry in a little bit of trouble. The CEO of Canada’s major tourist organisation has come up with some startling news: that his country is going through the worst period in its history in terms of tourism. The figures are down for the fourth quarter running and the number of factors against the Canadians seems to be growing. The worst period in its history of catering for domestic tourists and welcoming masses of visitors from abroad could be even worse unless the North Americans experience an upturn in luck.The cancellation of flights to and from Canada to Mexico due to worries about swine flu did nothing to help the Canadians as the Mexican market became almost extinct in the tourism figures. Simultaneously, Canadian tourism was hit by the fact that their American neighbours decided to make laws on border crossing much stricter. This not only left a bitter feeling between the two nations, yet also meant that American dollars were not being spent as much in Canada. Put these elements together with the global recession and it spells disaster.Let’s not forget that the increasing popularity of Asian countries and other exotic destinations is simply hindering the old classic tourist destinations, such as Canada. Whereas travelling to places such as China and India used to be impossible for political and financial reasons, these places have become a more attractive and affordable option and addition to many brochures. Indeed, some ask themselves why they would go to Canada for two weeks when it is possible to visit Thailand for twice as long at half the expense. Staying with China, Canada lacks an approved destination status with the Chinese, whereas 127 other countries have it. Related:WINTER OLYMPICS 2010 FIGHTING OFF THE CRISIS

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