Samuel Dorsi - Jul 25, 2016
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June was not a successful month of campsites in Europe. A monthly report by Ctoutvert, a provider of reservation systems for nearly 4,000 European camps, revealed a 4% drop in reservations and sales.  

The weather, Brexit, and Euro 2016 are the probable explanations for the poor figures of the campsites. The decline in reservations is more pronounced for camping pitches (-5% in number and -9% in sales) than for rentals (-2% in number and -1% in sales).

The report included data from 1,340 campsites in Europe from France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia.

The authors of the study however noted that the poor figures fail to slow the upward momentum observed since last January; the panel is progressing overall by 9% in number and 12% in sales.

It is noteworthy that all Europeans reserved the campsites less often than last year, with the exception of Spaniards, who continue to make reservations in Spain. It is also notable that British reservations are down 9% in number and 20% in sales, which will pose a problem for institutions that rely heavily on this market.

In France, reservations are down 5% and down 2% in sales. Moreover, this decline in market demand in June affected the last minute departures (-6% for stays in June and -14% in August), but the demand grew for July (+4%) and for September (+8%).

French campers prefer rentals (76%) to camping pitches (24%) with an average weekly price of 625 euros for a rental and 289 euros for a camping pitch, stated the report of the campsites in Europe. 

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