Sara Thopson - Oct 3, 2021

Cambodia will be a safe tourist destination as soon as it reopens in the coming weeks, thanks to the government's efforts to vaccinate almost the entire population, Prime Minister Hun Sen said.

In the face of the new variants of the Covid-19 virus continuing to spread around the world and uncertainty about the future, the government of the country has put in place key strategies for timely vaccination campaigns and ongoing health measures that provide the foundation for the gradual reopening of economic and social activities into a "new normal”. The reopening of the country is crucial for Cambodian tourism.


The government's goal is to vaccinate at least 91% of the total population of 16 million.

Cambodia has vaccinated over 82 percent of the population as of the last week, according to the report of the National Ad Hoc Commission for Vaccination against Covid-19 virus.

"These factors, along with the adoption of preventive measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, will prompt Cambodia to gradually reopen domestic and international tourism activities, giving priority to public health," Hun Sen said.

Reopen for Vaccinated Tourists

Prime Minister Hun Sen also encouraged stakeholders, local authorities, the private sector and development partners to boost the offer of tourism services to serve tourists.

He also proposed a "Safe Cambodia" campaign as one of the strategies to attract domestic and foreign tourists at the reopening stage and in the future.

Last year, the number of foreign tourists dropped by 80.2% from the 6.6 million recorded in 2019, and at least 110,000 jobs were directly affected.

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  1. Will the reopening of Cambodia result in a rescinding of the US$2000 deposit requirement? What about visas on arrival? Will you be able to get an EB or tourist visa when entering the country? What about quarantine lengths?

    Stephen (Saudi Arabia)

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