William Law - Apr 8, 2008

Let’s face it, with so many terrorist attacks and political problems in the air nowadays, it is quite understandable for passengers to be worried about the dangers of using public transport, especially when flying. Perhaps the most surprising fact is that it is businessmen and businesswomen who are the most worried about security, 87% of them in fact. Most of them avoid carrying valuables, monitor major world events before travelling and check the weather reports before embarking on their journeys. In terms of security, most believe that the Middle East is the biggest security threat, yet 14% of business people have given North America the same label.


Most airports and tourist organisations have given out simple rules for business people to adhere to when going on holiday or on a business trip. One piece of advice is to remember that luggage can be stolen at any time; therefore one should avoid putting expensive or valuable items in it. Passports, wallets and tickets should be kept within reach at all times.


Furthermore, airports advise all passengers to have a charged mobile phone at their disposal nearly all the time in case of emergency. When travelling by road, it is worth keeping in mind that nearly all attacks take place when the vehicle is stationary and the surroundings are not well lit. Therefore, it is advised to pull over only in well-lit areas and preferably not for a long time.


The above-described situations are methods in which to avoid severe attacks. However, a clever trick for avoiding theft in hotels, where most business people stay, is to leave the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door even when you are out. This may mean that your room does not get cleaned so often but at least it combats the threat of theft if the thief thinks you are in there.


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