Michael Trout - May 7, 2012
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Burma seems to be a “hidden treasure” destination. It has many tourist attractions and as a result an amazing travel potential. However, Burma tourism industry has remained undeveloped for many years. The government has been putting in place several strategies to boost the industry. Advocacy groups have also been trying their best to encourage tourism sector in the country. One of the best strategies that the government has been working on to boost tourism in the country is building state of the art hotel facilities.

The number of tourists traveling to the country each year increases by 20 to 30 percent hence, the need to ensure that they get the best accommodation. This is why the government has been developing more hotels that meet high international standards. Today, there are many new hotels in Burma offering high quality services and assuring enhanced comfort to international tourists. This is one of the best measures that the government has put in place and tourism industry in the region is ready to take off.

Also, because the transportation is a very crucial factor, the government has been working on several projects to expand its airlines. Burma has therefore been developing its airline transport system to ensure that tourists can travel comfortably on 24 hour basis. Having improved on its transport and airline capacity, local and international guests can now travel in a hassles free manner to different tourist attractions in Burma. Travelers can now enjoy quality services including domestic airline booking services round the clock.


The government and advocacy groups in the country have also been working together in order to improve leisure destinations. Top destinations including Inle, Ngapali and Bagan are known to attract many tourists. Yangon is also a top commercial hub that attracts business travelers from different parts of the globe. This development aims ensuring guests with all necessary travel services they need in an effortless way. As a result it should help the country’s economy to benefit from its high end leisure market.

In addition to the above specific economic steps, it seems to be the government has been embracing political reforms over the past few years. There is no political isolation in the country, a factor that kept off many travelers and tourists from Burma. Hotel owners and tour operators have all the support they need to deliver quality services to their clients, including many activities and competitions, for example competition for miss tourism Myanmar 2012 organized by tourism board.

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