Larry Brain - Apr 2, 2023
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Brazil surpassed the mark of 1.5 million foreign tourists received in just two months of 2023, the highest in the historical series that began in 2019, until then the best year, when 1,427,871 entered the country. In this period, foreign tourists spent in the country US$ 1.1 billion, surpassing the figure of the first two months of 2020 (US$ 1,060 billion), when there was still no pandemic.

The Carnival of 2023 brought great breath to Brazil's tourism sector in February, especially to international tourism. According to information from the Central Bank, in the month under review, foreign tourists injected 529 million dollars into the national economy. This is already considered the best result recorded in February of the last four years. In comparison with 2022, the number is 10.6% higher, and compared to 2021 there is an increase of 50%.

Last year, however, the post-pandemic recovery of international tourism in Brazil was below the world average, according to data from the World Tourism Organization.

According to Freixo, the dollars received by the economy from international tourism (604 million in January and 529 million in February) has helped the country generate employment and income.

The Minister of Tourism, Daniela Carneiro, stressed that the authorities "started the year with the mission of rebuilding the country and this is already beginning to impact the foreign tourist’. And also Mrs. Carneiro promises “will remain firm in structuring and promoting our destinations to move the economy, generating employment and income for the population.”

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