Denise Chen - Oct 4, 2014
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Musical events and festivals could generate up to EUR 209 million in Brazil in 2018, advertising revenue included, according to a study by the consultancy company PwC Brazil.

The report predicts a 39% growth in the number of shows held in the country over the next four years, with a turnover of EUR 168 million, compared to 120 billed in 2013.

"Big events like the World Cup and the Olympics are helping the country secure a spot on the route for concerts and festivals," explained Gardênia Rogatto, an expert from PwC Brazil.

According to the Brazilian Tourism Office, the country has managed to consolidate its position as a host of major national and international shows, ranking second in the list, only behind Mexico.

The events encourage mobilization of both Brazilians and foreigners moving within the country, improving the hotel and transport services in the cities hosting the events.

Specifically, the construction and expansion of stadiums due to the World Cup, will allow the hosting of larger shows and greater ability to attract tourists, according to the minister of Brazilian tourism, Vinicius Lages.

Brazil has been and will be the host of well-known festivals as Rock in Rio or Lollapalooza, which are expected to have a real impact on the number of visitors as well as generating income and stimulating the economy in the tourism sector.

During the celebration of the last edition of Rock in Rio in 2013, employment in the hotels in the capital of Rio almost reached 90%. Of the seven million people who attended the shows, 46% came from other states and the economic impact generated in the city was of EUR 340 million, according to Riotur. Since its beginnings 30 years ago, the festival has created 138,000 jobs.

Another remarkable event is the Salvador Summer Festival, which attracted 120,000 people last year, creating 21,000 direct and indirect jobs. Planeta Atlántida Festival, also held during the summer, receives an estimated audience of 70,000 people per night in Rio Grande do Sul and 65,000 in Santa Catarina.

Next year, in addition to the events above, Brazil for the first time will host the electronic music festival Tomorrowland, 1-3 May 2015 , for which however all tickets are already sold out.

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