Michael Trout - Dec 2, 2019
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The tourism sector of the Brazilian capital, Brasília, expects an increase of 20% in travel packages sold for the period between December and March.

School holidays, Christmas festivities, New Year’s Eve and the Carnival. The period ranging from December to March is a positive bet for the tourism sector thanks to the numerous events popular among travelers. Still, without the 2018 data, the Brazilian Travel Agencies Association of the Federal District (Abav-DF) expects a 20% increase in package sales this season, compared to last year.

Most of the destinations that the local travelers choose for the summer season are national. According to Abav-DF, there was no change in the value of tickets and packages to the Brazilian Northeast, due to the oil leak that hit the Brazilian coast two months ago. Therefore, the beaches of the Northeast continue to be a highlight in 75% of the preferences of Brazilians, according to the association. Maceió (AL), Fortaleza (CE), Salvador and Porto Seguro (BA) are some of the most sought-after cities right now. The state of Rio de Janeiro is also in great demand by residents of the Federal District in the first months of the year.

Even with the dollar rising (tourism is at R$ 4 since August and closed above R$ 4.20 now), international trips should not be negatively impacted. The Brazilian Travel Agencies Association of the Federal District expects an increase of 5% in packages sold abroad this year, compared to last year. The biggest demand is for the city of Orlando and its amusement parks. In the United States as well, there is a lot of demand for Miami and New York. South American destinations are also appreciated by Brazilians, with attractive flight tickets and visa-free policies to enter these countries.

Abav-DF president Hugney Vellozo also added that direct flights from Brasilia to Santiago, Chile, and to Lima, Peru, could increase the number of departures in the upcoming end-of-year season. Furthermore, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Asunción, Paraguay, are also featured in the search for vacation trips.

The federal capital should also have an economic boost with the arrival of tourists at the end of this year. This is what the Secretary of Tourism of the Federal District expects. “We are deeply optimistic about the tourist flow in Brasília”, the secretary Vanessa Mendonça says.

For her, one of the major bets is the event Natal Sempre Monumental, an initiative of the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of the Federal District (Fecomercio-DF), supported by the local government. The proposal is planning several Christmas actions in the center of the capital and in administrative regions. “For the first time ever, Brasília will experience Christmas. We hope to attract tourists from nearby states, in addition to families staying in the city”, the secretary declared.

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