Andrea Hausold - Feb 17, 2009
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Belize committed to a f$13.5 million dollar plan to promote and develop responsible tourism in the country.

Central America’s tourist fame is wide spread. Thousands of tourists, most of which come here from the U.S., visit the pristine beaches, admire the preserved marine life, and yearn to discover the heritage of ancient civilizations that are long gone. One of the smaller countries which constantly strive to improve its tourist appeal is Belize.

This charming country which borders with Mexico and Guatemala depends on tourism to a considerable extend and thus it is crucial to further develop its potential. Recently, local government has officially introduced a $13.5 million four-year plan for sustainable tourism development. While improving the infrastructure and building a tourist-friendly setting within the tourist hubs is essential, protecting the environment remains the major objective. Being responsible and nature friendly is the credo.

The new initiative outlines projects that focus on the long-term preservation of Belize’s natural resources. As cruise ships are often entering Belizean coastal line, the initiatives plan to bring the tourists on the shore. Pedestrian links are to be built, enabling the visitors to reach downtown areas in no time. Wider sidewalks, a more efficient lighting structure as well as overall improvement of the ‘image’ of the area will strengthen the tourist potential of Belize.

This amazing country has a lot to offer already. It is near San Ignacio, one of the major tourist centres, where the ancient Maya ruins of Caracol, Cahal Pech and Cave Actun Tunichil Muknal were discovered. Placencia Peninsula bewitches all with pristine white beaches.

Belize embodies the ideal combination of leisure potential one can imagine – scuba diving on one of the best preserved barrier reefs,  great fishing, wild river rafting and kayaking, hiking, bird watching – the possibilities are endless. How to fully turn its riches into tourist magnets is what Belize focuses on right now. And hopefully, the world will get to see it soon.

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  1. Outstanding news!

    This will be fantastic for Belize. I recently purchased land in southern Belize (Sanctuary Bay) and one of the main reasons was the governments stance on a sustainable approach to tourism. Way to go!


  2. This is great news!
    I just got back from a backpacking trip through Belize and there is a genuine sense that the locals indeed take pride in their environment - at least for the most part they don't toss all their garbage on the street like neighboring Mexico and Guatemala. As a small country, maintaining the land they have is imperative and they seem to be on the path toward success.


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