Chris Grad - Jun 2, 2014
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Boeing has gotten 366 airplane manufacturing orders up until April, excluding 54 cancellations, opposite the 142 net orders from their rival Airbus which suffered 94 cancellations, according to the information provided by both manufacturers and gathered by experts.

Up until the end of May, the American manufacturer recorded a total of 420 aircraft orders thanks to the momentum from the orders for 737s, opposite the 236 gross orders from the European competitor Airbus, up until April 30.

From January to April, Airbus received a net total of 142 aircraft orders valuing more than 28.4 billion dollars, while Boeing recorded 366 orders valuing about 39.8 billion dollars.

Up until April, Airbus recorded 11 cancellations of the A319 valued at 943.8 million dollars, 27 of the A320 valued at 2.5 billion dollars, 39 of the A321 valued at 4.3 billion dollars, 5 A330-300 air-crafts valued at 1.2 billion dollars, and 12 A350-800 airplanes valued at 3.1 billion dollars with what's left earning more than 8.8 billion euros.

On the other hand, Boeing had 54 cancellations of the 737 aircraft model with a loss of 5.6 billion dollars.

The A320 Family and the 737Max Drive Sales

During the period, Airbus closed agreements for the sale of 49 A320 apparatus at a value of 4.6 billion dollars, 47 A321 airplanes valued at 5.27 billion dollars, 16 A330-300 airplanes valued at 3.9 billion dollars, 13 A330-200 airplanes valued at 2.9 billion dollars, 12 A350-900's valued at 3.5 billion dollars, and 20 A380's valued at 8.3 billion dollars.

On the other hand, Boeing received 366 orders up until May 20, pecifically, 360 737 airplanes, whose orders were driven up by the new 737MAX version, valued at 37.9 billion dollars; one 747, valued at 357.5 million dollars, four 777's, valued at 1.3 billion dollars, and one 787, valued at 249.5 million dollars.

Also Boing Delivered More Than Rival

The American aircraft maker delivered 217 new airplanes up until March with 154 deliveries of the 737, 5 of the 747, 32 of the 777 planes, and 26 of the 787 models, delivering 24 planes more than its rival.

At the end of April, Airbus formalized the delivery of 193 units, 151 single-aisle units - 11 A319's, 100 A320's, and 40 A321's, 11 units of the A330-200, 1 A330-200F, 24 of the A330-3, and 6 'superjumbos', the A380.

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