Tourism Review News Desk - Sep 2, 2008
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In our time, to associate women with one thing and men with the other is not entirely a politically correct approach. Yet somehow, when the topic of cars comes up, most men immediately resume focus – no matter what they are doing – which inevitably contributes to the old cliché. Car devotees consider Germany their fantasy land.


Undoubtedly, the local century-long impressively deep tradition of the automobile industry is overwhelming. Numerous major car producers and manufacturers have their seat in Germany and proudly present their experience and art in numerous museums. The recently re-opened BMW Museum in Munich is one of its kind.


This spectacular temple of car design takes one’s breath away almost immediately. The new installation project which impresses on first looking is called the Kinetic Structure and comprises moving silver spheres which in fact as a whole resemble a car moving.


The BMW Museum was opened in 1973 and monitors the entire history of BMW production. The recently reopened museum has a different structure now – and features several new areas. The exhibition area is where the most famous inventions and models are on display – it has several individual parts itself. The Visions area reveals the future outlooks of BMW. The company intends to focus on the use of sustainable resources and preventing the production of polluting emissions. The technology and its evolving history, the mastery of BMW engineering or the company image are in the spotlight in the museum.


The BMW Art Car Collection, also located here, is the greatest reward for any enthusiast. Currently, there are 16 ‘masterpieces’ on display yet in the future their numbers are expected to grow.

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