Andrea Hausold - Sep 15, 2023
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Bleisure travel is becoming a must-have for companies competing for skilled workers. It combines a business trip and a vacation; now, 89 percent of business travelers can use it. This is the result of a study that has been regularly conducted for ten years. The study is an initiative of travel management companies in the German Travel Association (DRV).

Regarding travel expenses, most companies offer leisure trips. According to a survey, 53 percent of respondents work in a company that pays for all travel expenses. In contrast, only 28 percent of business travelers must pay for travel expenses.

Most people who have the option to take Bleisure Travel usually accept it. Last year, 83 percent of respondents who combined business and leisure on trips did so. Among them, the majority (58 percent) expressed their interest in continuing to combine business and personal life on future business trips. This is particularly true for respondents aged 40 and above and frequent business travelers who travel three or more times a month (70 percent each).

Attractive destination as the main reason for bleisure travel

The primary reason people travel for leisure is the allure of an attractive destination. The survey revealed that 44 percent of respondents who have previously combined business travel with vacation consider factors such as beaches, tourist attractions, and cultural experiences pivotal. Furthermore, it is critical to have flexibility post-business trips, that is, the absence of pressing professional tasks (40 percent). Additionally, 34 percent of respondents also opt for leisure travel to unwind after a business trip.

Regarding age groups, travel motivation differs significantly in certain cases. For instance, business travelers over 40 are more likely to consider favorable weather conditions as an opportunity for leisure trips (41%), which is 13 percentage points higher than those under 40. Conversely, younger travelers are more likely to prefer saving time by scheduling additional arrivals and departures, requiring fewer vacation days (39% compared to 18%).

Many companies are realizing the advantages of combining business travel with leisure, also known as bleisure travel. This boosts employee satisfaction and motivation and makes the company more appealing to potential employees, attracting top talent. Furthermore, the environment benefits from bleisure travel as it decreases the overall number of trips made. To ensure the successful implementation of bleisure travel, companies can rely on the support of business travel agencies. These agencies provide advice, travel expense management, and booking tools that enable employees to adjust their travel plans independently. They even add time off options.

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