Daniel A. Tanner - May 27, 2013
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Museums are one of the most popular items on any city tour itinerary. They present history, culture, nature, some museums are simply funny and meant to entertain us. Explore the most unusual museums out there. Brought to you by

Museum of Toilets

New Dehli, India

The museum is solely dedicated to the artifacts and history of toilets. Visitors can admire here toilets old and new, from different countries, of different shapes and sizes. Interesting thing about all this is the fact that there is a lot of research work that is done to provide details of each toilet on display.

Giant Shoe Museum

Seattle, WA

Situated in Seattle, this museum has the biggest collection of giant shoes in the world. The museums galleries also relate to a couple of mysterious giant shoes. In fact, there is even an award of $1,000 for any useful information about these shoes.

The Washington Banana Museum

Auburn, WA

This museum is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a break from normal museums. Located in Auburn this museum focuses on the history of bananas way back into time when people ate bananas as a whole without peeling them.

World Brick Museum

Maizuru City, Japan

Although there is more than one brick museum in the world, the one situated in Maizuru City is quite unique. The theme of the institute – bricks – might seem uninteresting to many visitors but the aim of the museum is to show that there are lots of fascinating facts about this building material.

British Lawnmower Museum

Lancashire, UK

This particular museum mainly focuses on the details of the lawnmower that was originally invented by Edwin Beard Budding in1830. Located in Lancashire this museum serves as a guarantee for information about this piece of equipment essential for many gardeners.

Devil's Rope Museum

McLean, TX

Situated in McLean, this museum is solely dedicated to the barbed wire and its history. Besides that the museum also provides details of everything linked to the production of barbed wires.

Bad Art Museum

Somerville, MA

This museum focuses on bad art. In fact, artists have been trying as much as possible not to have any of their works featured in this museum's gallery. Although the museum is situated in the Somerville Theater, in case you wish to find out more about what it holds, feel free to check out the museum's website for details and sneak peeks at some of the worst art works ever seen.

The Meguro Parasite Museum

Tokyo, Japan

All you ever wanted to know about parasites is answered here. Although this museum is alleged to gross people out, good thing about it is that it actually has tones of factual information that many people do not know about parasites.

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

St. Paul, MN

This museum has every form of medical device you can think of. Located in the Science Museum of Minnesota the collection features several questionable medical devices that were used in hospitals. Some of the items include Foot Operated Breast Enlarger, Shoe-Fitting X-Ray Device, and Violet Ray Generators.

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