Samuel Dorsi - Aug 1, 2016
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The tourism industry is changing. Where travelers used to look for only traditional, comfortable accommodation and experiences for their relaxing time, they are nowadays turning towards more uncommon holidays. That is exactly what these five German unusual hotels have to offer.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel, Berlin

One of the best unusual hotels for art lovers who find themselves in Berlin is Arte Luise Kunsthotel. It started as an artist collective in 1995 and is located in a historic building on the Spree with privileged views. Artworks by over 50 different artists adorn the different rooms, including the Maraude, the budget-friendly area. Prices vary between EUR 35 for Maraude accommodations and EUR 199 for the comfort of a private suite and shower.

The Suitcase Hotel, Lunzenau

All holidaymakers have travelled with suitcases, stored things in them and probably even joked about hiding in one. In this hotel, the Kofferhotel, also known as the "Kofftel", located in Lunzenau near Chemnitz guests are invited to sleep inside giant luggage. One 5 sqm big room for two people includes two narrow beds, a train station locker as a closet, a mini-sink and a small restroom. If you travel with bigger group, book a second "Kofftel". 

Alcatraz Hotel, Kaiserslautern

Most people would give anything to avoid spending even one night in prison, but this unusual hotel proves uncommon fantasies can also come true. Of course the real Alcatraz prisoners never had Wi-Fi, room service – though this is served through a hatch in the door – or the option to roam freely, but this hotel’s guests can still have a taste of what it is like to sleep in a cell – striped pajamas included. Minimalistic comfort rooms are also available for those who may not enjoy the irony of the accommodation. Cell rooms cost between EUR 49 and EUR 79 per night, while comfort rooms and suites are priced between EUR 69 and EUR 159.

The Tree House Hotel, Kultur Insel, Görlitz

Tree house hotels are certainly different, but not as much of a unique concept these days. This hotel located on the Kultur Insel was the first of its kind to open up in Germany. The nine standard tree houses are all decorated in different styles, which have mythical stories to back them up, and there are also bigger spaces, called an Erdhaus, for groups to sleep in. The location also offers a traditional camping area, and a dinner theater as well as an amusement park are nearby.

Ostel, Hostel, Berlin

Ostel is truly one of the most unusual hotels that guests can experience since it emraces Ostalgie, the nostalgia that some still feel for East Germany. The affordable accommodation takes guests back in time to the 70s and 80s, as the meticulous decorating style is meant to emulate East Berlin at that time to perfection. Everything in this singular, GDR-inspired hotel is as original as can be, including the wallpaper, so that guests can experience the true East Germany atmosphere or reminisce about it if they lived through those times. Prices are truly affordable, as a single room will only set guests back EUR 30 a night and they will only be charged EUR 80 for a full holiday apartment.

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