Denise Chen - Feb 20, 2012
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Shops at European airports differ quite considerably regarding the prices of the goods on sale. London’s Heathrow offers the best prices according to a recent research.

Frequent flyers may already know – the shops at London's Heathrow airport sell the cheapest products compared to other European airports. This is one of the findings of a recent research organized by ADAC (German Automobile Club) and ANWB (Dutch Cyclist Association).

The study focused on the prices of goods at 11 European airports. The products were divided into five groups, comparing the same basket of 12 items. At Heathrow the researchers spent EUR 435 while e.g. at Prague Airport they had to dig deeper in their pockets – they needed EUR 565.

Prices of cosmetics, alcohol and cigarettes differed the most. A facial cream of certain brand for instance cost EUR 100 at Prague Airport while in Munich the same product was EUR 26 cheaper. A bottle of cognac cost EUR 67 in Prague but EUR 37 at London’s Heathrow, reported

The prices of cigarettes on the other hand were lower at Prague airport (EUR 34 for 10 cigarette packages) than elsewhere (e.g. at Paris airport the same product cost EUR 58).

The researchers also focused on shops at German airports comparing them with products in the city centers. The price of the goods including perfume, alcohol, cosmetics, confectionery and tobacco at the airports in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich differed only slightly and averaged just over EUR 484. In the city centers however the same items totaled on average EUR 561. It appears that shopping at the airports is not that expensive as it may seem at first sight, at least in Germany.

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