Ashley Nault - Mar 9, 2015
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Each year, the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) makes a list of the best international hospitals around the world for medical tourism. These facilities managed to gain international renown for their great services and facilities. Many factors are taken into consideration: accreditation, the levels of available technology, the professionalism and skill of surgeons and specialists and the overall treatment of patients that choose to walk through their doors. presents the best hospitals according to MTQUA for 2014.

1. Malaysia's Prince Court Medical Center

While many other hospitals on the globe provide great care to their foreign patients and do so with the help of the latest technology, none does it better than the Prince Court Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur. The MTQUA has placed the Malaysian hospital on the first step of the podium for two years in a row and that's mostly due to their incredible knack for making medical tourism as painless of an experience as possible by focusing on all related aspects.

2. Germany's Asklepios Klinik Barmbek

While coming in on number two, Asklepios Klinik Barmbek located in Hamburg is the only facility from Western Europe to make the top ten. With a staff that's more than proficient in English, Russian and Arabic languages, this German hospital also focuses on thinking ahead, offering support to their foreign patients before the treatment is set to begin.

3. India's Fortis Hospital Bangalore

Bangalore's Fortis facility, as fitting for Indian medicinal culture, is patient centric and has over 40 specialties under one roof. A great choice for healthcare tourists that want to consider their options carefully and benefit from good treatment.

4. Turkey's Anadolu Medical Center

More than fifty Turkish healthcare facilities have gained accreditation from the Joint Commission International, making Turkey one of the main destinations for medical tourists and offering fierce competition to countries like Thailand. The Anadolu Medical Center in Gebze stands out from the large number as one of the most praised.

5. Korea's Wooridul Spine Hospital

Surgeries are seen by many as last resort procedures, especially when involving the spine. The Wooridul however specializes in the ones that are minimally invasive. Although South Korea registered a drop in the number of foreign patients in 2013, the Wooridul remains a constant.

6. Canada's Shouldice Hospital

A facility preferred by many U.S. citizens, the Shouldice Hospital, located in Toronto, specializes in the treating of hernias. A global leader in this specialty, this facility keeps their standard high since 1945.

7. Singapore's Gleneagles Hospital

Already a staple of great quality medical care, the Gleneagles Hospital managed to go up two positions from last year's top ten, ranking now at number seven. Surgical procedures are performed with the latest available technology and the staff is able to communicate efficiently with patients long before they even travel to Singapore.

8. Lebanon's Clemenceau Medical Center

As one of the most praised hospitals from the Middle East, the Clemenceau maintains their affiliation with Johns Hopkins, making the Beirut based facility a good choice for medical tourists.

9. Thailand's Bumrungrad International

While Thailand is well known for the quality of their medical services spread among many facilities, there’s no hospital more distinguished than the Bumrungrad, a choice most popular among tourists from the Middle East.

10. South Africa's Mediclinic Morningside

A mirror of the country's greatly improved healthcare system, this private facility in Johannesburg houses many specialists and offers great services to their foreign patients.

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