Laura Maudlin - Oct 30, 2023
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On the 50th anniversary of the travel brand "Lonely Planet," the "Best in Travel" series is back as a printed book. Unlike last year, it did not select a single German destination among the 50 places worth seeing all around the world.

However, Best in Travel 2024, the list of 50 popular travel destinations worldwide for 2024 (ten in each of five categories), includes destinations close to Germany, such as Paris, the capital of France, the Austrian region of Saalfelden Leogang in the province of Salzburg, and Poland, Germany's neighboring country. Poland is praised for its dynamic cities with great gastronomic addresses and national parks and appears on the "top 10 worth money" list.

Germany has not been overlooked in previous series. For instance, in 2023, the Saxon state capital, Dresden, was listed, while in 2022, Freiburg im Breisgau came in third place behind Auckland (New Zealand) and Taipei (Taiwan).

In 2020, Bonn ranked fifth among cities due to Beethoven's 250th birthday celebration. Germany secured the second spot among the states in 2019, mainly because of the Bauhaus anniversary. Hamburg was ranked fourth among cities in 2018. In 2016, Bavaria came in eighth among the regions; in 2010, Germany was already in second place among the states.

"Best in Travel 2024" presents a list of popular destinations, including Spain (in the "Top 10 Sustainability"), Prague (ranked 8th in the top 10 cities), as well as Tuscany and Southern Thailand (both in the "Top 10 Regions").

The list of destinations worth the money also includes means of transportation, such as the new night train connections in Europe, like the Nightjet brand of the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways). "After decades of inactivity, night trains are experiencing a resurgence in Europe, thanks to travelers who want to reduce CO2 emissions and enjoy the scenery rushing by."

Mongolia secured the first place among the top ten countries owing to its unique blend of space, adventure, and culture. Other countries on the top ten list include Morocco, Croatia, and Uzbekistan.

Nairobi has secured the first position among cities as Kenya's capital finally claims its status as a global cultural center. Nairobi's gastronomy scene is thriving and growing, making it an attractive destination for food enthusiasts.

Paris is the second spot among cities. Known for its constant reinvention, Paris is set to become a spectacular world stage for the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games in 2024.

The Lonely Planet brand was launched in 1973 and has printed over 50 million travel guides in the past few years. In addition, it has published lifestyle books, e-books, and on the main social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok. The brand is available in 14 languages.

The "Best in Travel" series is one of many editorial lists that supposedly select trendy travel destinations for the year.

Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2024

Top 10 countries: Mongolia, India, Morocco, Chile, Benin, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Croatia, Saint Lucia

Top 10 cities: Nairobi (Kenya); Paris (France); Montreal (Canada); Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina); Philadelphia (USA); Manaus (Brazil); Jakarta (Indonesia); Prague (Czech Republic); Izmir (Turkey); Kansas City (USA);

Top 10 regions: Trans-Dinarica Cycling Route through the Western Balkans; Kangaroo Island (Australia); Tuscany (Italy); Donegal (Ireland); Basque Country (Spain); Southern Thailand; Swahili Coast (Tanzania); Montana (USA); Saalfelden Leogang (Austria); Scotland's far north.

Top 10 Sustainability: Spain; Patagonia, Argentina & Chile; Greenland; The trails of Wales; Caminho Português, Portugal & Spain; Palau; Hokkaido, Japan; Ecuador; hiking trails in the Baltics; Eco-Lodges, South Africa;

Top 10 Worth Money: Midwest (U.S.); Poland; Nicaragua; Danube Limes (Romania); Normandy (France); Egypt; Ikaria (Greece); Algeria; Southern Lakes & Central Otago (New Zealand); Night trains, Europe.

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