Anna Luebke - Nov 6, 2023
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Although Florida is a famous tourist destination, some coastlines offer a more authentic and serene experience than the usual hustle and bustle. Despite their popularity among tourists, certain beaches in Florida are characterized by fewer visitors and a quiet atmosphere. These overlooked coastal areas provide an alternative for those seeking a more reserved space in the state's seascape and are perfect for a tranquil getaway. Tourism Review presents the best off-beaten-track Florida beaches.


Pass-A-Grille, situated in St. Pete, Florida, is known for its pristine white sand beach and an interesting historical fact: its 8th Avenue is officially recognized as the shortest main street in the United States by Ripley's Believe It or Not. Along with the beach, the area boasts open-air art markets and fishing piers, making it a perfect destination for art and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Bean Point

Bean Point is situated at the north end of Anna Maria Island, adjacent to Tampa Bay. This beach is a cherished destination among the locals and is considered a hidden gem. Unlike the other crowded beaches, Bean Point is known for its serene and reserved atmosphere, offering a perfect escape for nature lovers.

Bahia Honda State Park

Located in the Florida Keys, Bahia Honda State Park is accessible by car from Key West in approximately 45 minutes. It offers diverse flora and fauna and is renowned for its sea breeze.

Honeymoon Island

Located less than an hour from Tampa, Florida, Honeymoon Island has approximately four miles (6.4 kilometers) of coastline. It is one of the best Florida beaches. It is home to various animal species, such as eagles, ospreys, and tortoises.

Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa State Park is situated on an island that can be reached from various locations on the west coast of Florida. It boasts around 9 miles (14.5 kilometers) of coastline and offers diverse hiking trails. Additionally, it serves as a habitat for manatees, porpoises, and sea turtles.

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