William Law - Oct 3, 2016
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Nature tourism in all its forms represents an excellent opportunity to escape from the routine and enjoy new experiences. Its popularity is increasing and eco travel is thriving at unexpected levels. According to reports, this sector is growing at an annual rate of 17%. According to the WTO, by 2030 over half of trips will go to developing countries whose main domain is the countryside, landscape and natural beauty. Mexico is a country, whose nature tourism generates a turnover of about 280 million dollars per year. introduces the top 5 Eco Travel Destinations.

Chiapas – The Mexican Grand Canyon

Chiapas is a region full of unique Mexican beauty and one of the most popular eco travel destinations. Some examples of the perfect sites for visitors are the Agua Azul Waterfalls, The Montebello Lagoon or the Lacandona Jungle.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, a city in Chiapas, is part of a program called Pueblos Mágicos (“Magical Towns”). This program aims to stress the beauty and importance of natural wealth in the region. Beauty such as rivers, seas, canyons, jungles, flora and fauna. All this makes Chiapas the ideal place for hiking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking and all sorts of nature tourism activities.

Oaxaca – Proud of the Hierve el Agua

Oaxaca is another region rich in terms of natural attractions. Its highlight is the Hierve el Agua, which offers its visitors a unique travel experience. Upon arrival at Hierve el Agua, you will see what appears to be a massive waterfall frozen to the side of the mountain. These are natural mineral formations built up over thousands of years as a result of mineral-laden water spilling over the edge of the cliff and trickling down the rocky mountain side.

Hiking is also a popular activity. There are many walking paths in the area and most of them can be covered in less than an hour. The region can also serve the needs of climbers, with the base of the petrified waterfalls available for these purposes.

Jalisco – Heaven for Mountaineers

Jalisco is an ideal place to engage in eco travel. It provides visitors with impressive ecosystems, mountains and beautiful beaches with canyons. Even fans of extreme sports will consider this region their second home. The mountains in Jalisco contain many trails and landscapes ideal for horse-riding and hiking.

Tapalpa and Mazamitla are the most notable locations for either activity. Some of the peaks of the huge mountains in the region that may be climbed are the Sierra de Tapalpa, Sierra del Halo or Nevado de Colima. Other than that there are canyons such as El Zarco or Huaxtla or the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Costalegre. All of these are beautiful additions to the picturesque ambience of Jalisco.

San Luis Potosi – A Large Variety of Ecosystems

San Luis Potosi boasts an extravagant natural wealth and is one of the best eco travel destinations in Mexico. The region offers activities such as mountaineering, rappelling, hiking and even diving. Huasteca is one of the most popular locations, providing visitors with waterfalls, rivers, reserves, woods and beautiful caves with lakes.

Laguna de la Media Luna is one of the most popular lakes and got its name for having the shape of a half moon. Other than that a large variety of ecosystems can be found in the region. The desert of the Atiplano, with Real de Catorce as the flagship attraction is a notable example, or the Central Area with its forest climate and springs for diving. 

Veracruz – Home of the Highest Peak

Veracruz is a region that offers a variety of natural attractions such as ecological parks, botanical gardens and natural reserves. The mystical landscape of Catemaco provides visitors with remarkable experiences. The Xalapa city offers great possibilities to those who want to escape from loud cities and become immersed in a natural environment.

The Francisco Jaier Clavijero Botanical garden is located here. It is a large area housing more than 700 species of plants typical for the region. Since 1975 the botanical garden is concentrated on studying, protecting and spreading of fauna found in the region.

Xalapa also offers a large variety of parks, like the Paseo de los Lagos, the Tecajetes Park or the Parque de los Berros are all great options to spend the day with the whole family. Veracruz is also home to a number of beaches and the country’s highest peak – Pico de Orizaba, a dormant volcano.

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