Denise Chen - Nov 23, 2015
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With or without the recently devastating terror attacks in the French capital, Paris was, is and will always remain an immensely popular city destination. The city has been receiving at least 16 million people yearly and Parisians are more than ever urging people to keep visiting despite the recent attacks. suggest seven reasons why visiting the French capital is a good idea even now. 

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

The Place de la Republique is obviously one of the biggest squares in Paris and a pride to the nation. Its central monument, Marianne, represents the French Republic and the way it came to be. Two years ago, the square was turned into a pedestrian zone and has become a popular gathering place in showing solidarity, resistance and mourning against acts of terror.

Love, love, love

The hill of Montmartre, which is 130 meters tall and situated in the north of Paris has the Square Jehan-Rictus that intimately hides the words; “Le mur des je t'aime”. This literally translates to “I love you wall”. Being just one of the symbols of love in Paris, this square covers an area of 40 sq. meters with various artists scribbling the phrase “I love you” on its 612 tiles in over 300 languages.

Free Thinking Spirit

Apart from ancient Athens and its famous philosophers, Paris is well-known for its thinkers, debaters and inventors. The Cafe de Flore situated in the artists’ corner of Saint-Germain-des-Paris is widely known for its reputable free thinking spirit. In the 1930s, artists would meet at the square to debate late into the night. This is one place that Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre are known to have frequented. 

Fabulous Art

With more than 200 museums, Paris is well-known as an intricate city of art. The Muse du Louvre is one of the greatest museums in the whole world. It first opened its doors in 1793 and has remained synonymous with art as demonstrated with over 35,000 items on exhibit. They range from antiquity to modernity, with Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci being one of them.

Music and Dance

In one of the recently music extravaganzas in the French capital, more than 350,000 techno music fans flocked the streets in September. This was just one of the definitions of the city’s love of music be it classical beats, rock or electronic beats. This is the only city in the world that people can genuinely live the way they want and without any sort of stigmatization, especially when it comes to music.

World of Fashion

From Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent to Karl Lagerfeld, there is arguably no city that has revolutionized fashion like the French capital. Coco was known to have transformed ladies’ fashion, Christian for the ‘new look’ design, Yves for inventing women’ trouser suit and Karl as the tsar of modern fashion. As German actress Romy Schneider summed it: “In Paris, I’ve learned how to live, love, move and above all, how to dress.”

Culinary Delights

If there is one thing that the French and Parisians are known for, it is their love for food, in fact good food. The heartbeat of Paris is based on amazing French cuisine, their simple restaurants, and tiny tables on pavements. When visiting Paris, centering on family-run restaurants is often the perfect bet in terms of flavors and incredible hospitality.

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