About, EVA air.
Formerly top;
My experience of many years with EVA air
For me absolutely. One of the best Airline in the world, especially the service of the crew , in 2019 plenty of legroom in the Boeing 777-300 ER.
My daughter flies with KLM, I tease her about that space..
Mid-November the outward journey AMS – BKK in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, to my surprise, almost no legroom, not to say very tight, in row 21, but I was lucky row 20, with a lot of legroom, (you looked at the pantry), 2 empty seats. Consult with a flight attendant and I was very spacious on 20B, stretching my legs, etc. The return flight BKK-AMS was a real torture for others and me, so little legroom, I was now on row 28C, soon some irritation here and there and sometimes almost a fight, especially if someone pushed their seat back a bit ((by the way a chair like C is also not really nice people constantly bump into you incl. staff) The passenger in front of me moved his seat back a bit, putting my monitor about four inches away. So I leaned back a little, to which a passenger behind me started grumbling, I didn't want any problems, so I stood up and patiently explained to the man; don't complain to me but do it at EVA, or fly premium, ok that problem solved quickly. My thought, apparently due to the new seat configuration EVA still wanted to cash in?
I just checked the ranking of all Airlines by Skytrax
EVA was in 7th place in 2021, today in 18th place….(!)
Too bad, next time I'll think about another airline.

C. Point (Netherlands)