Kevin Eagan - Oct 3, 2022
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The ranking of the world's best airlines was announced by Skytrax based on more than 14 million surveys conducted in more than a hundred countries. The results were announced On 23 September 2022, at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022 ceremony held in London.

Since 2019, the Skytrax Awards to the world's best airlines could not be announced in person due to the Covid pandemic. The gala held in London was a celebration of the commercial aviation industry.

The airline that won most of the awards was Qatar Airways, the airline from the Arab emirate, which won the award for the best airline of 2022 for the seventh time since these awards began to be presented in 1999.

To reach this conclusion, experts conducted more than 14 million surveys in 100 different countries among passengers on all types of flights and airlines. They were completed between September 2021 and August 2022.

Consistent Passenger Service

The reasons that led travelers to choose Qatar Airways as the best airline in the world can be found in the other awards this airline won during the gala: Best Business Class, Best Business Class Seat, Best Business Class Lounge and so on up to 8 more awards. A great triumph for an airline that wants to make excellence its virtue.

The 10 Best Airlines in the World in 2022:

  • Qatar Airways (Qatar)
  • Singapore Airways (Singapore)
  • Emirates (UAE)
  • ANA - All Nippon Airways (Japan)
  • Qantas Airways (Australia)
  • Japan Airlines (Japan)
  • Turkish Airlines (Turkey)
  • Air France (France)
  • Korean Air (South Korea)
  • Swiss International Air Lines (Switzerland)

Other Awarded Airlines in Different Categories:

  • Best Economy Class: Emirates
  • World's cleanest airline: ANA - All Nippon Airways
  • Best cabin crew: Singapore Airlines
  • Best First Class: Singapore Airlines
  • Best in-flight entertainment: Emirates
  • Best Economy Class Catering: Emirates
  • Best airline in Europe: Turkish Airlines
  • Best U.S. Airline: Delta Air Lines

Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, explained the secret to the airline's success: "Consistent service, consistent product, consistent attention to passengers and absolute dedication from everyone that works in the airline."

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