Gary Diskin - Dec 21, 2015
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The feeling that comes with a visit to the jungle or the wilderness is intriguing and life-changing to say the least. The experience of going deep into the bush in northern Kruger in South Africa or following big cats deep into Maasai Mara in Kenya is simply incomparable to any other life experience. Going for safari in Africa is truly compelling and will have you coming back for more. brings the most remarkable African safaris to consider for your next holiday.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Whenever the name Kalahari comes to fore, many will always think of a deprived land full of dust, barren earth and scorpions. This an unbelievable landscape is however dotted with acacia trees, goshawk sentinels and other thorny trees. Snakes, unsung beetles, African hares and jackals are normal features in Central Kalahari. Springboks and ostriches here and there and the huge roars of Kalahari lions with black manes will obviously leave you thrilled.

Mundulea Reserve, Namibia

Mundulea Reserve brings you to real terms with African nature with its endless bushes, rugged hills and sparse plains. Before being turned into an astonishing game reserve, Mundulea was a large cattle farm with a fence going a whopping 127 km. The inspirational way in which such a big farm was turned into a game reserve full of thousands of wild species will make you want to visit and see the safari for yourself. Apart from this reserve’s unique botanical side, you are definitely to come to contact with tracts of zebras, black-faced impalas with their exceptionally beautiful lyre-shaped horns, and a number of mysterious leopards among many other attractions that would make you come back for more.

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Come rain, come sun, Maasai Mara will never disappoint you. From every big cat that you may think of to the wildebeest migration, this is one place that should be named as one of the wonders of the world. Catching the sights of zebras and wildebeests arriving from Serengeti in Tanzania and trying to cross the Mara River in search of new pastures is arguably the greatest wildlife show on Earth.

Gorillas in Rwanda

While the name Rwanda is synonymous with the 1994 genocide, the country is now stable with women equality on top of the government priorities. However, that is not the main attraction here. But rather it’s the country’s gorilla family. This mountainous country is home to the most exotic gorillas and chimpanzees that will take you by surprise when you meet them, albeit in the company of their guards. Even though, the prices that visitors pay for the mountain hikes are little expensive, you will not have regrets after the visit for the surreal experience of meeting the stunning primates.

Duba, Botswana

A visit to Duba in Botswana will bring you to terms with the widespread belief that lions in Botswana are arguably the biggest in Africa. This is particularly noticeable in the two large prides known as the Skimmer Pride and Tsaro Pride. These are two prides that have for long been controlled by two lion brothers known as the Duba Boys. But after passing away a couple of years ago, the field remains open for an epic battle for the control of these two magnificent lion prides. 

One unusual fact about Duba is that lions hunt by the day, which is rarely seen in the jungle. Visiting this amazing place will give you a one-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing this first-hand while still watching grand buffalo battles in this 65,000-acre park based in the far north of the legendary Okavango Delta. You should definitely not miss the enmity between lions and buffalos that play in broad daylight.

Kruger, South Africa

This is probably one of the most popular African safari destinations in the world. The Kruger Park is in South Africa, but on the border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This is a wilderness that provides you with unique vegetation and diverse mammals and bird life that covers the 24,000-hectare area that counts the Limpopo River and exotic local tribes as one of its pristine attractions.

The Zambezi Valley, Zambia

The Valley is one of the most untouched places not only in Africa, but in the whole world. This is an explicit mother nature that is home to the great Zambezi River, which sluggishly flows through purple escarpments, grassy floodplains and lush forests. You are likely to spend sleepless, but amazing nights watching lions while in the day you are to see a baby elephant swimming beside its mother across the river from Zimbabwe with Nile crocodiles slithering along the banks in hope of getting a sumptuous meal. In simple terms, this is not a park; this is an utmost wilderness full of passionate guides to show you around.


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