Denise Chen - May 11, 2009
What may sound like a lunatic idea has become the German ultimate dream: the world is soon to witness the opening of the first wurst museum entirely dedicated to the one and only delicious German sausage. For several years, news has spread about the bizarre idea to create a museum in Berlin which would be dedicated to one of the most typical German delicacies – the wurst. In August 16th, 2009, the dream is to come true as the world’s first wurst museum will indeed welcome its first visitors. It cannot get more German than this. For nearly 7 decades, the currywurst, as locals proudly call it, has been a culinary gem of the locals. Even though the dish itself is not visually very appealing, many swear there is nothing better. The deliciously crisp German sausage is cut into small chunks and served with a generous portion of curry powder and fries. You can only experience the true feel of it when you eat the currywurst of a paper plate and enjoy your bite-size snack with a tiny plastic fork. The German Currywurst Museum will reveal a glimpse of history, featuring a touching story of Herta Heuwer, who first sold her invention from a stand in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district in 1949. An intriguing insight in the countless recipes, ingredients and origin of the wurst are simply a must which every visitor to the museum is bound to expect. However, the fun collection of currywurst curiosities as well as movies and 3D installations will undoubtedly amuse many who come to learn more about the wurst. Families with children will of course be offered special rates and any child under 6 years of age will be granted free admission. The opening hours are 10 am – 10 pm, and diverse tailor-made tours will also be a highlight for groups as well as individuals. Up to 200 people will be able to visit the museum simultaneously. Tasting is naturally one of the most exciting events no one should miss.What seems rather like a crazy idea is now exciting the heart of many Germans. The currywurst is something very much characterizing their culture. Considering the impressive 800 million portions of currywurst consumed here on an annual basis, the museum seems like a true tribute which will become a very popular attraction for all.


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