Samuel Dorsi - Jul 15, 2019
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According to the latest figures from the Belgian Statistical Office, Belgian tourism is doing very well. In the Walloon Region, the number of nights booked increased by 5% last year and similar figures have been recorded in the Flemish region (+ 7%). However, it is the Brussels region that has the largest increase with + 10%.

In the capital, two types of tourists are the most numerous – business travelers and leisure tourists. But it is the increase in leisure tourism that is boosting Brussels' figures to the point where they are now even equal to those of business tourism, which is usually higher.

Belgians remain the most numerous visitors in Brussels, followed by the French and Americans. But the capital notes a strong growth of non-European long-haul tourists from India, Japan or Taiwan.

One of Brussels' assets is that it is an original destination, outside the mass tourism that cities like Barcelona or Paris suffer from.

Today, the tourism situation in Brussels is better than before the attacks. The capital has succeeded in attracting tourists again.

It should be noted that in Brussels, there is a steady inflow of tourists throughout the year. In addition, it is important to emphasize that the figures do not include the rentals of private individuals.

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