Dan Rang - Sep 25, 2007

The city of Liverpool is set to start next year in style, by announcing the opening of a hotel with the theme of the city’s most famous music group. It would even be fair to say that Liverpool is famous mainly thanks to the legendary group. It will be the perfect way to start 2008, when Liverpool shall be the European capital of culture. The long-awaited opening is expected to attract a lot of media attention. Indeed, the hotel has already received over 2000 enquiries about facilities and rooms, even before it is open. Most of the enquiries, almost 50%, have come from Japan; the rest came from other European countries.


The hotel is situated just yards from the famous Cavern Club, where the Beatles first appeared. It shall be equipped with 110 rooms, each decorated with 110 photographs marking the group’s history. Diners are to eat meals in replica Beatles Chevrolets and visitors shall be offered the opportunity to stay in specially designed Lennon and McCartney suites, the former being equipped with a large white grand piano in memory of the great musician. The whole building, not only the rooms will be covered in artwork telling the story of Liverpool’s most celebrated export.


The hotel is set to provide the unique opportunity to Beatles fans across the globe to not only come to the band’s birthplace, not only live just yards from the place where the band rose to fame, yet also live the story of the band and be surrounded by its history. Judging by the amount of enquiries the hotel has already received, there is reason to believe that the hotel’s popularity is to be assured for a number of years to come.


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