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In Sardinia, beachgoers need help placing their towels directly on the sand. Failure to comply may result in a fine. This is just one of the measures to prevent overcrowding on the island's beautiful beaches, a popular vacation destination known for its clear water and delicious food. To handle inbound tourism, some resorts and beaches have implemented strict rules such as visitor limits, mandatory reservations, and even a towel ban.

Towel offense: Tourist in Sardinia fined 100 euros

Bring a straw mat under your towel if you plan to visit La Pelosa Beach in Stintino, Sardinia. The former mayor put this rule in place to protect white Sardinian sand. Scientific studies have shown that towels contribute to the loss of sand, so only those with mats can lie on the beach. Even tourists who lay on their towels without permission can face a fine of 100 euros. In addition, littering on the beach can result in a 160 euro fine. To manage the crowds, the current mayor has limited the number of visitors to 1500 per day with a ticket fee of 3.5 euros. Reservations can be made through the "Heart of Sardinia" app up to 72 hours in advance, and payment can also be made through the app. La Pelosa Beach is a popular destination, with up to 5,000 visitors on peak days.

La Pelosa: Residents demand beach closure

Opinions are split among the locals regarding the newly implemented mat requirement. Many are now advocating for the closure of the beach when it becomes too crowded, with a specific number of guests triggering the closure.

Limits and entrance fees for Sardinian beaches

To prevent overcrowding at Sardinia beaches, measures have been taken. Beginning in the summer of 2023, a visitor limit and reservation requirement will be in place for several beaches in the Baunei municipality. Cala dei Gabbiani and Cala Biriala will only allow 300 bathers daily, with access available from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Cala Goloritzè, accessible only by boat, will limit its daily visitors to 250 people at an entrance fee of 6 euros per day. The largest beach, Cala Mariolu, accepts a maximum of 700 visitors daily. Reservations for all these beaches can be made through the Heart of Sardinia app. Cala Sisine and the main beach of Santa Maria Navarrese will also have visitor limits, with a maximum of 1600 and 1300 people, respectively.

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