Daniel A. Tanner - Aug 21, 2007

The international business is rising and so is the business travel. Even though technological advance makes it possible to communicate with people thousands kilometers away, business people need to travel more than in the past. Traveling is now much more comfortable than it used to be just few decades ago, but it is still rather stressful. A business traveler could face various difficulties while on a trip.


There are few advices that should help a traveler to reduce the stress: It is very important to have all documents in order. For example it is advisable not to travel with a passport that has an expiry date less than six months in the future. Your visa must be perfectly correct. It is also a good idea to make photocopies of your airline tickets, passport, credit cards, travel insurance, itinerary and other important documents. You should put all your valuable materials in a small carry-on bag. Nowadays, information is easily available on the Internet. You can get an airport layout or a map on the net and this could be very helpful. The maps should be inside a plastic folder. To plan everything in advance is always a good thing to do. As mentioned above, travelers can get various information about the destination they are traveling into - information about weather but also about the local customs. If the travelers use a medication, they should have the doctor’s prescriptions for them. It is also useful to have the box of original packaging for the medications so that they can easily buy it.


There are of course many other things that can make a business trip very unpleasant. There is the thing with electricity. A traveler might need some plug adapters for telephone jacks and electrical plugs. It is also advisable to carry electronic equipment in bags that do not indicate that there is e.g. a laptop inside. The main thing is to be prepared. It is obvious that a traveler can not be prepared for everything but careful planning could help to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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