Tomas Haupt - Nov 7, 2016
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While the number of overnight stays in Austria has so far increased from year to year to 68.5 million, further growth might be complicated this winter season. Both the Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day are Sundays which might impact the Austrian tourism numbers.

Experts say that the day of holidays have a considerable impact on tourism revenue. When holidays fall on weekends, like this year, the sales decrease. Instead of two days off, possibly even with a window day in between, there is only one free day. Austrian tourism businesses thus expect lower numbers of visitors around the Christmas holidays.

Petra Stolba, Managing Director of Austria Advertising, is also only "cautiously optimistic". Maintaining the last year's numbers would be a success.

The decrease of guests from Russia could be compensated by visitors from other countries. Last winter season, the number of tourists from UK and the Netherlands went considerably up. The decision of the UK to leave the EU has not yet had any negative effects, according to Petra Stolba.

Many Austrian tourism companies try hard to attract more visitors. An investment of 710 million euros was announced by ski lift- and winter resort operators. The aim is to improve the comfort of skiers, expand snowmaking equipment, and increase the parking spaces. 

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