Gregory Dolgos - Mar 13, 2007

Tourism Minister John Pandazopoulos said: “Victoria has now developed a reputation for offering world-class spa experiences. We have a natural abundance of mineral springs and geothermal waters, and a rich heritage in spa facilities, which makes Victoria a prime destination for this growing tourism sector.”  He says that they want to become world leader in the spa and wellness segment. According to the minister there has been significant investment in local spa facilities and this is very useful as the extended spa market has led to a boom in related businesses.



In general in Australia, only 16 per cent of domestic spa visitors come from other states and women account for some 60 per cent of all domestic spa visitors. It is a globally accepted fact that women visit spas more often than men. According to another survey, conducted by Intelligent Spas Pte Ltd, women account for 78 per cent of all domestic spa visitors within Australia. Nevertheless, there are some market changes; for example, younger people are beginning to visit spas more often. Domestic spa visitors have higher overall income than all domestic travelers. The average household income of a domestic spa tourist is $69,000, whilst that for all domestic tourists is $64,000. The important thing for spa managers and other spa- related businesses is that 57 per cent of domestic spa tourists are classified as big spenders.


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