Andrea Hausold - Feb 21, 2011
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Some Asian countries could lead the way in global tourism by 2015 others are expected to join in later. Tourism is an important category for deciding which countries are on top and which ones have ground to make up.


The hype surrounding Asia becoming a leading force in world tourism is rapidly becoming reality. The figures now comply with common beliefs and Abacus data has predicted that Asia will be the top continent for tourism by 2015, at least in certain categories. The continent contains 62% of the world’s population and 27% of the world’s global GDP. Taking these facts into account, it comes as less of a surprise that such vast improvements have been made. The main reasons behind the surge of Asia’s success are the different traveling tendencies of Europeans and North Americans, the new status of Chinese citizens as a new travel force in the world, the advances in technology and increased and improved levels of transport to Asian countries.

The top five destinations have been tipped to be Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan. Statistics relate both to incoming and outgoing tourism. Asia is expected to take a little longer than a mere 4 years to catch up in certain areas of tourism industry. Many areas of some countries still have massive social problems and political unrest is not an uncommon phenomenon. However, if not already, Asia will certainly lead the way in terms of mobile usage and smartphones.

Smartphones can be used to make bookings and arrange travel itineraries and Asians seem to have caught the bug quicker than others. Travel bookings are rising sharply in many countries and these mobile devices take a lot of the credit.

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