Alec Hills - Mar 20, 2007
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Argentina  is a very passionate South American country, full of energy and life. Apart from being famous for its natural beauty and vibrant cities, Argentina has been transforming itself into a golfer’s paradise; it has more golf courses (240 at the latest count) than any other South American country.


It is commonly known among visiting enthusiasts that the most advanced facilities are to be found near Buenos Aires, the capital. Top-quality courses are accessible a mere twenty-minute drive from the city centre. The Jockey Club is one of the most popular golf clubs in the vicinity of Buenos Aires, and, as with the Bella Vista and Olivos Gold Clubs, it has hosted many world-class tournaments. The Bella Vista is ranked No 1. in Argentina by the Golf Digest. This 27-hole modern course is built on a breathtaking background of interconnected lakes and wetlands.


One of the newest golf courses in the country is Arelauquen. This golf club is not only luxurious, with its famous Arelauquen Lodge, but it is also only minutes away form the Bariloche International Airport.  When visitors discover the beautiful scenery to be found on the site, this asset comes as a bonus. The majestic views include Lake Gutierrez and Cerro Cathedral, the oldest ski mountain in South America. The snow-capped mountains only add to the already breathtaking experience offered by this club.


Other courses worth visiting are the Ushuaia Golf Club in Tierra del Fuego, the Pinares Golf Club & Resort, Arroyito Country Club, and the Comahue Golf Club. For anyone eager to visit Argentina and spent some good quality golfing time here, it is advisable to make prior arrangements at the clubs as some of the courses are open to the public only on certain days of the week.

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