I live in a South European touristic city

Yes, I live in a South European touristic city. Not in one like Barcelona, Mallorca, Malaga or Madrid but I travel often to some of them. You can see that some neighborhouds are crowded of tourists till the point that locals cannot continue their normal life (residential buildings transformed in shadowes hotels thanks to Airbnb and simmilar platforms, public transport crowded at certain hours for tourists, normal shops or bars that have become souvenirs centers or tourism-focused restaurants with the standar pizza-pasta-paella menu at non-sense prices..).
Besides, tourists are using the scarce water (inSouth Europe it is really scarce) as well as many other natural resources (larger airports, bigger roads, new spots to take pictures to upload to Facebook, more and more aerials for cell phones in any point...).

So, tourism is a "pollutant" industry, as chemical or many others. Locals suffer it, although some businessmen (hotel owners, flat owners, low-cost airlines, et) are getting a lot of money from it and others just get a job.

If pollution like CO2, particles, etc is regulated, even limiting the growth of some industries, Why shouldn't the tourism industry be regulated too, even limited?

rufus (Spain)